FCI Assistant (Technical)- Phase-2

Validity : 12 months
  • PHASE-2 Full Syllabus Covered (GS covered in pahse-1 Course)
  • Live + Recorded Classes
  • Complete Notes in PDF Form
  • Test Series for all Subjects of Phase-2
  • Validity: 12 months

In this course we'll cover Agriculture, Zoology and botany. Zoology and Botany classes will start after Phase-1 exam. GS is covered in pahse-1 so that part won't be coevred in this course. For any kind of doubt please call us at 95-200-90-200 or 98-288-222-77
Syllabus to be covered:

  1. Agriculture:- Statics of Indian Agriculture (Cereals & Pulses), Elementary entomology, Plant Protection, Agricultural Economics.
  2. Botany:- Cell Biology :Tissue , Organ & Organ System, Genetics, Plant Classification, Diversity, Ecology, Life Process: Photosynthesis, Respiration , Circulation, Movement etc, Basics of Biochemistry.
  3. Zoology:- Animal Cell & Tissue, Organ System, Heredity & Variation, Animal Classification, Micro Organism, Insects & Rodents.
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